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hayne5 02-27-2020 06:39 AM


Installs ok using kickstart or not.

When I ssh in and run /opt/avaya/bin/show_eula.sh

Page through agreement and press 'Y"

when "Do you accept the terms of this EULA? (Y)es/ (N)o:" comes up.

Message appears

"The system is being initialized. This may take a while (around 1 minute)..."

Left overnight. Never does anything else.

Re-installed and get the exact same results. Watched an Avaya mentor video on youtube. When they login the EULA automatically displays. I have to manually run it from /opt/avaya/bin

Any ideas?



hurdk 03-02-2020 07:59 AM

I have never had to run the EULA...

1. Deploy the AVP
2. Ping the address.
3. Wait for the DVD to pop.
4.Remove thumb drive
5. Wait for the ping test to respond.
6. SSH to the address.

When you login you get the EULA and have to accept it. At that point the license is installed. You then setup the host AVP in the SDM and deploy the US.

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