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henning 02-26-2010 03:50 AM

Mm r5.2
We are forklifting an Intuity Audix MAP100 system and replacing it with MM R5.2. Currently the customer uses the Audix for voice mail as well as faxes. Faxing is currently sent from the Message Manager client fax driver on the users desktop. If Message Manager is not supported on Modular Messaging what will be the equivalent to Message Manager? We will also need to provide the customer with a record of faxes sent as is the case with Message MAnager. Will appreciate any feedback on this solution. I am sure Avaya will not replace one Voice Mail server with another and not provide alternatives.


ppenugonda 03-02-2010 08:25 AM


There is no direct replacement for Message Manager. However there is a feature (specifically for fax to work) on Modular Messaging that can be enabled and configured for users to send and recieve fax. Once you have configured fax on MM, you will have a fax console which keeps track of the faxes sent, and this information can be obtained from the fax console.

This is with respect to the ability to send fax using Message Manager. On Modular Messaging, there are clients, Outlook Client, Lotus Client and Web Client, that have a similar functionality on MM, as that of Message Manager on Intuity.

I hope this helps!


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