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navar126 09-02-2020 06:22 AM

SBCE and IP Office Renewing Certificates

I am encountering hiccups renewing the certificate for both our IP Office. Our certificate expired on Aug 29. I found the paths and different ways to install the new certificate but it is in multiple places where I have seen it. In the web page where the linux machine connects to (its installed on a Windows 10 client machine), on the SBCE itself webpage, in the "IP Office Manager for Server Edition".

When the certificate expired, when i logged in to the IP Office it said I needed to turn off security checks so it allowed me to in, our Equinox Application( IX Workplace) stopped working saying there is a problem with the security certificate. So YAY.

We have the renewed wildcard certificate. When I go to the SBCE > TLS > Certificates.

Please I need help getting this application up and running. I am not a phone guy by no means and our integrator did not leave us any instructions on how to do this.

Thank you in advanced.

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