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dmoku 12-05-2013 01:55 PM

Clicking Noise
I'm new to the forum. I was hoping that there are others that have heard of, or know of this issue.

I am a technician of a Medical Office Facility that is running on an AC Meridian Switch Opt61c. Just recently the agents in the call center at this site have been experiencing clicking sounds while in conversation with callers. I thought I had solved the issue when I was troubleshooting and found that the grounding was unsecured.

This was just the tip of the clicking issue. Since, We've been able to narrow the clicking to 1 of 3 loops. With the assistance of our support engineers, I was directed to replace the Power Supply of the loop.

Well it's only been 3 weeks since the Power Supply was replaced and the clicking has returned. The only noticeable difference is the clicking is at its all times worse on Mondays and Tuesdays when the call center is busiest. During the rest of the week, I'm told that the problem is gone.

Any thoughts, ideas? Thanks in advance.

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