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mgerio 09-24-2012 06:45 PM

Lync Inttegration with avaya: cannot detect press number option

can someone help us out with issue below?


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We configured lync to connect to avaya telephone system; Lync can call direct phone lines but fails when we call a trunkline and prompted by connecting option when calling:

Press 1 for HR
Press 2 for Finance
Press 3 for IT
Press 0 for Operator assistance

We use the dial pad in Lync 2010 client but it doesn't work.

Any known issue?
Setting to configure?


You have an issue with DTMF (Dial-Tone Multi Frequency) not getting correctly encoded through SIP and to the Lync server. You need to configure the Avaya system (or a gateway in between) to use RFC 2833 based DTMF signaling.
In this technet blog around DTMF issues with Cisco CUCM they describe a similar issue and show how they are troubleshooting it.

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thanks ruben..

any useful link on how to configure DTMF signalling for avaya?

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You're welcome.
This is a Microsoft Lync forum so the chances are slim that you'll find someone here that can help you with Avaya configuration. I would recommend to contact your PBX partner for questions like these.

scooter133 10-01-2012 02:40 PM

In the SIP Line, under the VoIP Tab, there is the DTMF Support option. The Default is RFC2833.

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