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kadiy 08-14-2014 02:30 PM

Skipping some prompts in between

We are using Avaya Voice Portal 5.0. We are trying to upgrade from a DTMF to a speech application. We are running into a weird issue.

On some of the calls, We hear the original prompts and then and few of the prompts are skipped and the application goes to 2 or 3 forms down the road. So the application is basically skipping some of the prompts. This is completely random and happens at different points in the application. Nothing in the Session slots indicate why the prompts are being skipped. I see the prompts being added to the PROMPT_QUEUE. The Call detail logs do not have the skipped prompts thoughs. But our App logs show that the VXML has been rendered successfully.

But whenever we see this issue, the Call Detail logs has this error where the prompts are being skipped

7:58:12 PMApplicationErrorDescription: TTS Speak Error
Source: Dialog

Any idea what this TTS Speak Error might be ?



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