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jtarjanyi 01-12-2021 12:44 AM

ACCS AD - ACW activation
Is there any way to activate ACW only one click insted of click on ACW and select one of the ACW with activity code?

Our customer don't want to diferentiate ACWs so only one default is OK, but compared to IPOCC where there were a dedicated button for ACW the agent desktopk provided solution is more complicated.

Go Not Ready is clickable


Unfortunately ACW is not :(

mstasi 04-22-2021 05:55 AM


I have the same issue with ACW.
I tested an option "Enter ACW using Not Ready without Reason Code" but without results.

I have configured "After call break" in Theshold Classed - it works from technical point of view (agent is prevented from new call afer adjusted time) but in haven't any information in AAAD (status is "Ready")

Is it any way to make it work similar to IPOCC? (Automatic Wrap-Up with information to Agent Desktop and possibility to reduce ACW time by clicking any button in AAAD?)

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