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arsha2 08-07-2020 04:34 AM

ACCS 7.1 which one is telephony resources
Dear All,

Anyone know that which Telephony resource has to be used in ACCS agent desktop ( as in IPOCC with UI we always used Avaya Communicator for telephony calls),

my Agent is login already but not able to receive any voice call. from extension we get tining tone but call not receive at agent desktop.

ACCS CTI, SIP Proxy and AMS link are UP? AMS is aloo UP and working.
Does AMS server will give telephony resources or need any another application for telephony along with agent desktop.

please help me here so that i can move further for my in house demo setup.


arsha2 08-09-2020 07:06 AM

Any ACCS expert can tell me what soft phone / soft client has been used in ACCS AAD.
ACCS AAD with hard phone is working but need any soft phone to work with ACCS AAD as telephony resources?


prasa7 08-31-2020 08:37 PM

I had it working with Avaya communicator when IP office was on version 10. after upgrading ip office to version 11.0.2 we are using Avaya IX workplace with ACCS

khali33 09-10-2020 02:47 AM

avaya communicator or avaya ix both are worked with accs r 7.1 and ipoffice r 11

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