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mezom 04-13-2012 12:57 AM

IP Office 500 v2 routing problem
Hello, all.
Pulling my hairs 3rd day...
I try to check WAN port on IPO. In Local network WAN is woking fine. It's working with Phones, Softphones and managing as well.
Now, I put it with real IP address to the Internet directly (made the gap with switch between ISP line and corporate firewall). IPO is pinging from the Firewall, but doesn't ping from the Internet.
Well, I checked the Gap with laptop and another real IP in two modes: with default gateway on NIC and without. The gateway mode is work and without-gateway-mode is not. It's a logical thing and it's right.
So, I try to set the default gateway on IPO. But in any variations there is no result at all.

Please, I really need any advice!!!

Thanks. Nikita.

ysahu 05-06-2012 10:43 PM

Hi - please post the version of IP office, details of you IP rout settings and network details with IP address. I may adivce you check with your IP office distributor as it appears to be a network or configuration issue R7 and R8 work ok in Lab conditions as tested.

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