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krehma 10-24-2012 05:16 AM

BCMS on Aura CM 6
Hi All,

we have Aura CM 6 and IQ. as you all aware of greatness of IQ on speed and stability.

our wallbaords are custom design app, which runa realtime report on IQ and then show queued calls.
problem is that some time data is pulled with in 5 seconds but mostly its between 7 to 15 seconds by that time SLAs are gone down as agents are doing other tasks and not on call all time.

I have checked that BCMS shows uptodate data using monitor command.

i have been through Avaya download site to try BCMS and unable to locate it. only versions i can find are the upgrade and not fresh install, all have pre-req of old version.

is there anywhere i can download or is there a better way to get BCMS via AES, i did rsee on some forums people mentioning abt BCMS via AES but cant find where & how.

thanks in advance.

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