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rgeogh 10-03-2018 06:37 AM

Remote users best practices
I have an Avaya CM 5.2 with a user who works entirely remote. He is currently setup with a station and a mailbox but he doesn't have a physical phone. His call coverage path on his station just routes to his cell phone. He has a mailbox on the system so outside callers can use the dial by name directory or just dial his extension. No outside callers should be able to leave a voicemail to the best of my knowledge (I'm questioning myself on this). Some of his co-workers will forward a voicemail that was left on their mailbox to his mailbox. This results in the outcalling feature to call the remote user's cell phone to let him know that there is a message waiting for him. People rarely forward him voicemails so he naturally forgets his voicemail password. I assume but don't know for a fact that the forwarding of voicemails feature is used by very few people in the company.

Is there a better way to configure this remote user?
Is there a way to prevent voicemails from being forwarded to his mailbox?

I'm not an Avaya expert so the more detail you provide in your answer is appreciated. I typically deal with just adding and removing users.


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