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nelso61 09-09-2015 12:32 PM

Avaya One-X Mobile
I don't know if anyone is experiencing this issue but I am not getting all of the names in the call history of the One-X mobile app even though the name displays on the incoming call. Any ideas why and if there is a fix?

mlombardi1 09-10-2015 12:27 PM

SIP or H.323? If SIP, the call log comes from Session Mgr in the form of PPM data received via HTTP.

nelso61 09-11-2015 06:18 AM

It's H.323. The names display when the call comes in but not always in the history. It almost seems to be at random.

oiduran 09-18-2015 10:25 AM

Do you have IP Office or CM?

nelso61 09-23-2015 09:59 AM

We have CM with 6.3 software

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