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mvickr 08-28-2014 10:20 AM

Switching ISPs Avaya IP 500. Going from T1 to cable internet and a seprate T1
Hello all, I hope someone can provide me some assistance!
I run IT for a medium sized company. When I first started, they switched from a T1 and non-IP phones to a different T1 [AT&T] and an Avaya IP Office 500 v2
I did not have anything to do with the setup, but have been managing the system for the last 4 years.
Now the company is switching from a single T1 providing internet into a Cisco ASA5500 and then a switch to the LAN and also providing phone service to the IP500 from a different port - the IP500 is also hooked to the lan. So they are switching to Charter Business cable internet and a Windstream/nuvox T1 for the phones.
I successfully migrated the internet to the Charter Business, now the Windstream modem/demarc is installed and it's time to ditch AT&T and get the windstream active and hooked to the Avaya IP 500.

I was under the impression that Windstream was going to be onsite for the changeover! NOT THE CASE! I am supposed to activate the windstream via a confrence call and get it hooked to the IP Office 500 myself...

I am at a loss as to what I need to do, a total loss..:o

Is it as simple as activating the windstream and plugging in the Avaya IP office, as it is already configured properly? It can't be, can it? I don't even see the same ports on the windstream box...

Please let me know what details I need to provide you all here so that perhaps someone can provide me some assistance!

Here's a "High level overview" from Windstream

High Level Overview
1.5M DYIP SIP w/Internet
Windstream Adtran 908e rental router with Advanced Managed Router
1 block DID#'s (Port 7 DID#'s and remaining 13 are NEW #'s)

7 PORTED Office Relocation VTN #'s

SIP will terminate to an Avaya IP Office using 3rd party vendor / 12 call paths using G.729a.

Customer uses Charter for primary Internet, so this Internet will be backup.
We are also porting 3 ABL lines: 314-733- xxxx, xxxx, and xxxx ( fax, alarm, and POS), and porting 1 toll free #888-xxx-xxxx, ring to 314-434-xxxx.

Please let me know what else I can let YOU know!

zakabog 08-28-2014 12:20 PM

Are they giving you a PRI off the Adtran 908e? If so just plug the PRI port on the IP Office into the DSX1 port on the back of the Adtran 908e, I don't know off hand if you need a T1 crossover cable or not, but you can ask Windstream and they'll tell you.

mvickr 08-28-2014 02:45 PM

Here is what they have to say:

A PRI hand off from the TA908E router will require a T1 cross over cable. However, I am showing the interface to be a SIP trunk on our router. Can you please confirm what service type you require for voice. Most IP Offices are SIP interface but we have supported PRI handoffs before.

I think we are SIP - what next?

thiel2 08-28-2014 05:09 PM

If you were to pull the configuration from your IP Office with Manager, you would be able to see if you are using SIP trunks or still using the PRI. A PRI handoff will be much easier for you to handle yourself, assuming that you have a PRI previously and the programming is in place. It's just a regular Cat-5 cable, or if a cross over is needed, it is pins 1&2 swapped with 4&5, NOT an Ethernet crossover(!). If the green light on the IPO doesn't come on with one type of cable, try the other. Different brands and even models within brands (looking at you, Adtran) require straight through or cross over. I just carry a little adapter made out of a patch cord and a jack as a crossover adapter, try the straight through first, and if no go, try it with the crossover.

mvickr 08-31-2014 09:49 AM

**** I con't pull the config until Tuesday AM.
I do have copies of the paper licenses, nothing said SIP on it
Port 9/10 the front of the ip office goes to the T1/E1 port 4 on the AT&T and the T1/E1 port one goes to the AT&T T1 demarc box, CPE #2
The Adtran had 0/1 coming in from the demarc, and ports labeled 0/3 and 0/4 PRI / CAS and 0/1 and 0/2 [which will make sens given the post below]
The IP500 has green lights on 9 10 but not 9/10 [9 over 10]
also there is an RJ11 in port 7/8 on the top of the IP500 going to one punch block in my switch room, and top and bottom on 5/6 goes to another punch box. we have 3 POTS lines, there are no lights on any of those ports, I assume I need to get wires to the new punches for the 3 POTS lines, which are being ported to Nuvox/Windstream as well.
Oh and the LAN port on the back of the IP office goes to the LAN - new cable internet - SBS2008n server etc.

Where would I look in the config to check if it's PRI or SIP? Can you tell anything from my description?

mvickr 08-31-2014 09:52 AM

And can I attach pdf of our paper licenses? Would that help determine SIP or PRI?

Also here is the last contact I got from Windstream:


Here are the SIP parameters you will require. If you are uncomfortable with the SIP set up, I would suggest engaging your support for the activation call.

Avaya IP Office Scorecard

Broadsoft West Device Type SIP Trunk (registering)

Avaya IP Office Fields
Windstream SIP Fields

ITSP Domain Name SBC IP Address | 10.250.x.x

ITSP IP Address SBC IP Address | 10.250..x.x

Primary Authentication Name BS-W Trunk Group ID | 3144477xxx

Primary Authentication Password Not Used | (put in whatever you want to fill field)

Registration Required Yes | yes

RE-INVITE yes | yes

Compression Mode g729(a) | g729(a)

Layer 4 Protocol UDP | UDP

Send Port 5060 | 5060

Network Topology- NIC/Gateway – LAN 1 (or 2) Connect to Ethernet0/2 on router |

Your PBX IP is noted as and is defined in our SBC access list as SIP traffic coming from this IP. If that is not the case, please let us know ASAP so it can be updated to the correct IP address.

Internet Information: (Will one public IP be sufficient for your use?) – Ethernet 0/1

Public LAN Network:

Subnet Mask:


Usable Public IP's:

Domain Name Servers (resolvers):

Primary: 66.155.xxx.xxx

Secondary: 207.59.xxx.xxx

Tertiary: 66.251.xx.xxx

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


So it looks like we are already setup for SIP and the chart they sent shows what I need to change in the IP500 - is that correct? the chart has the item on the left listed under Avaya Office IP Fields, and the two items seperated by a | listed under SIP Trunk Regestering, then the first item under Windtream SIP Fields, the second item in a column with no heading, I tried to reproduce it decentlyne

So to me it looks like I just need to change some settings in the IP500 and move the 9/10 port ethernet from port 4 on the AT&T/SBC router to the Ethernet 0/2 on the adtran and I should be good to go, correct?

Thanks for your help!

thiel2 08-31-2014 08:28 PM

You have a regular T1/PRI connection right now. The ports and lights on the base cards can be somewhat confusing at first, but the ports are numbered from the upper left hand corner as 1, and the port directly underneath that as port 2, before moving to the 2nd port from the left on the top as 3, and port 4 underneath that, etc. The status lights go straight across. Ports 1 through 8 are for extensions, Trunks (be they T1/PRI or loop start analog) will be on ports 9 through 12, and a single PRI will only enable port 9, not 10/11/12. The numbers UNDER the jacks denote the jack numbering, the numbers ABOVE the lights denote the status light for the port.

So your PRI connection is on Port 9, and the green light on 9 indicates that it is connected and working.

Your current carrier is using SIP protocol between them and the Adtran, but the Adtran is handing off a PRI to you. Your new carrier is trying to hand off SIP directly into your IPO, and you're not licensed for it.

You can verify that you do or do not have SIP trunks in the configuration, look under lines, and you will probably only see the PRI and any copper trunks. To connect to SIP trunks, they need to connect to your LAN or WAN port, you need to be properly licensed, and the SIP trunk programming needs to be set up.

This has FAIL written all over it. I would stop right now and get an experienced Avaya Business Partner involved in this.

mvickr 09-01-2014 02:49 PM

I just need ti provide the following info if it is a PRI handoff.
If that is the case, then this will need to be reconfigured as a PRI hand off. I will work with Carla to make that change. It may take approximately a week to complete the changes before we can schedule the activation call. Can you please provide the PRI attributes we need to use- NI2?, # of digits inbound from us required, 2 way?, inbound hunt Ascending?, any restrictions, will PBX control caller line ID or do you want us to define a screening ani like a main number?

Are any of those attributes aside from the obvious that don't require it like outbound ANI listed in the avaya?

I am going onsite at 7:30am, how do I verify from the IP office software manager 100% if it's a PRI or SIP setup currently?

Thanks for all your help

zakabog 09-02-2014 11:37 AM

From reading your posts, you 100% have a PRI setup. You will need to go through the Manager software to find out in the Line options on the PRI what settings they'll need from you, also make sure you have a T1 crossover cable handy if you don't already have one. If you plug in the T1 with a crossover cable and it doesn't come right up, I would highly suggest getting someone who is familiar with IP Office to set it up for you, otherwise read through the help and if the Windstream guys are patient enough they might be able to help you out.

mvickr 09-02-2014 12:57 PM

Yes, that's the plan.

Forgive me here, this is going to sound really basic.

We had 3 POTS line that are being ported as well. Do those need to go to the ports I mentioned earlier,

"also there is an RJ11 in port 7/8 on the top of the IP500 going to one punch block in my switch room, and top and bottom on 5/6 goes to another punch box. we have 3 POTS lines, there are no lights on any of those ports, I assume I need to get wires to the new punches for the 3 POTS lines, which are being ported to Nuvox/Windstream as well."

I came onsite well after all the phone equipment was installed, and both punch blocks look like nightmares. I guess I will likely end up having to tone everything out..

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