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pal33 07-31-2016 06:43 PM

Accessing IP Office contacts from Polycom phones

I am running IP Office 500 V2 version and trying to deploy Polycom SoundPoint 450 and VVX 500 phones. I got the phones working as SIP extension but I do not know how to configure Polycom phones to access contacts on IP Office.

How do I do this / Has anybody done this before?

rmaser 09-20-2016 08:22 AM

I doubt this can be done directly, you will probably need to set up an LDAP server and configure both the system and the polycom units to reference that for their directory.

kirchenlo 09-26-2016 07:20 AM

There might be a way of provisioning a text file which can be loaded form the IP550v2 to the Poylcom phones. Check the Polycom deployment guides. I already used the IP Office as file server for Polycom phones and I was able even to “auto” provision the phones.

kirchenlo 09-26-2016 07:24 AM

From the Polycom Admin Guide (SoundPoint), Maybe this will help?

The phone maintains a local contact directory. The directory can be downloaded from the boot server and edited locally (if configured in that way).

A sample file named 000000000000-directory~.xml (Note the extra “~” in the filename) is included with the application file distribution. This file can be used as a template for the per-phone <Ethernet address>-directory.xml directories (edit contents, then rename to <Ethernet address>-directory.xml). It also can be used to seed new phones with an initial directory (edit contents, then remove “~” from file name). Telephones without a local directory, such as new units from the factory, will download the 00000000000-directory.xml
directory and base their initial directory on it. These files should be edited with an XML editor. These files can be downloaded once per reflash.

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