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jimen28 08-15-2017 02:59 PM

Unknown SIP Device in CHAP User
What's is the reason that in my IPO Manager and SSA the SIP Device for the CHAP lin between IPO and IPOCC appears like "Unknown SIP Device"?
Also in SSA an alarm is repeating "Attempt to use a feature for which no license is installed. License Type: 3rd Party IP Endpoint"

freihd 09-04-2017 08:04 AM

CHAP connection requires One Single AVAYA IP Endpoint License (Included in IPOCC base sw license but delivered via ADI/PLDS as an IPO component and required for IPOCC)

To see if the SIP extension registered with the IP Office, you should follow the following instructions that exist in Avaya IP Office Contact Center Task Based Guide – Core Installation:
  • Install the certificate for SIP/TAPI and Web Server into the IP Office Contact Center Server
  • Enables the communication setting for the VoIP settings under LAN in IP Office Manager
  • Confirm the IP Office Contact Center User configuration
  • Checking the IP Office Contact Center SIP extension and short code

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