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wingdwa 11-21-2018 09:50 AM

Analog hybrid device not answering
I administer an old Avaya switch using IM 6.0 at a TV station. We use JK Autohybrids for IFBs to hear on-air programming for reporters. Many of these devices will not connect usiing DID analog lines, but will connect using POTS lines. Our repair contractor says our ringing voltages are correct, but still same problem, no matter what software changes I make. Any thoughts? Thanks

tmmoore1234 04-01-2019 02:35 PM

I’m making an assumption that your Autohybrids ring okay when called from another internal station however will not ring when called from a DID (or other) trunk.
Check the trunk-group in question and see if there is an option for ‘Internal Alert?’. If so, translate it to reflect ‘y’es.
This will cause 1 long burst of ringing (~1 sec on/~4 sec off) to be sent to the analog line port vs 2 short bursts. When this is set to ‘n’o, older modems and fax machines typically don’t answer automatically either.

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