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navar126 08-10-2020 12:16 PM

IP Office Self Administration User Login Incorrect

Needless to say the company we paid to upgrade our work phones did a less-than-OK job and left us with a lot of questions unanswered, so I am here in this forum learning more and more about what I can do with this.

We have had issues on and off with people logging in our IP Office Self Administration website so they can log in and change their button programming themselves. I learned that the user name is whatever shows up on the phone and they all share a single password until they change it themselves. It's protocol. However, in rare occurrences, sometimes the user logging in to the the Self Administration website will encounter the message "Login failed. Incorrect user name or password." Either they change it and forget or whatever else...

I tested this myself and after a few wrong passwords, when I entered the legit password for my account, it would still say "Login failed. Incorrect user name or password." Blows my mind.....why would it do that!? I can't even fix this by resetting their password, trying a different browser, or restarting the computer.

It almost feels like the system noticed a specific MAC address is trying to brute force its way to a successful login and blocks it indefinitely.

Has anyone had this happen before?
Is there a setting I can change in the system to enable the account again??
What do you suggest me do ?

Also how do you suggest me do the usernames for them to log in to this website? The way it is right now is a pain since it is only using 15 characters for the username which i think is silly, Period....why limit the usernames to 15 characters!?

Any help is welcome. Thanks!

markgallagher 08-11-2020 02:09 AM

Each user has two name settings. If you go into the full configuration settings for a user, you will see 2 name fields; Name and Full Name.

Name is used for the user's login to applications. It is only displayed on phone's etc if the user's Full Name has not been set.

Full Name is used for display on phones and can be up to 31 characters.

In addition: Yes, the system will block access if the wrong details are tried too often. The settings are configured in the system's security settings. By default:

- A wrong password 5 time in any 10 minute period will lock the user account for the next minute.

- A wrong user name too often can cause the IP address of their PC to be blocked for a few monutes.

navar126 08-11-2020 06:40 AM

Thank you for your time to reply; I hope you are doing well.

Well, I think it is just silly to use that "Name" field for other purposes such as when you look at Active Calls in System Status for instance. There is no way to create a memorable name because the system does not accept periods, but I am also struggling to make a login to the Self-Administration website easier for everybody by making a memorable name because the system only accepts 15 characters long. A name may have more than 15 characters. If a 16 character person logs in with a full 16 character name, it will allow the person to log in but they can NOT make any changes because it will be in "Read Only" format. They would have to log in only using 15 characters for them to make changes, say, to their side card.

For example, Lisa Souvannavong; she can log in with their full name but it will be ReadOnly,until she logs in as "Lisa Souvannavo" to make changes. But I can't make memorable names like "LS4444" (4444 being extension numbers". BUT If I do that, under System Status > Active Calls, or event System Monitor, the name will not be relevant/easy to see for a human to know who that username belongs to.

What do you guys use to provide the end user a memorable name and also make it easier for you to see who it is BUT also allowing people to find others easily in SELF ADMINISTRATION to allow them to add them on their sidecard?

Thanks! :):)

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