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lorillard 03-26-2014 09:12 AM

Attendant Console Transfer Off-Net
I have a Definity G3siV12 with an Attendant Console. We recently opened a satellite office and allowed sveral users to "keep their extensions". We had the LEC take those DIDs and port them to the new location's PRI. That new system has nothing to do with our current system, the new one is a cloud solution with it's own voicemail system. If a caller comes in on our main number, to the console, the attendant is not able to transfer the call to the new location since it is an off-net transfer. I believe this is a toll-fraud feature. Once caller tries to transfer, she can get the new location, but can not release or put the two parties together.

Can I change this? If so, and it is a toll-fraud feature, how bad am I risking my system?

Thank you in advance.

ebyh 03-26-2014 02:05 PM

Attendant Console Transfer Off-Net
Yes, it sounds like you've come up against a Class of Service restriction blocking Fwd-Off Net. I can think of two options:

1) Provision a unique COS for your attendant(s) with Trk-to-Trk Transfers permitted. If feasible limit the attendant COR to domestic (in-country) calls only, unless overridden with an authorization code, to further limit your risk of international toll fraud.

2) A second option (which I've used in the past before deciding to give our attendants the ability to transfer off-net when there is an appropriate business need) is to provision an internal (non-DID) extension with a COS enabling Call Fwd-Off Net. Then program each extension to call forward to a specific 10-digit number.

Yes, toll fraud is real, but in the day of nearly free domestic long distance, I don't worry about it too much, since we have international calling locked down for most users. Especially if you don't mix international calling permissions with off-net forwarding or transferring permissions, I think you'll be fine.

Hopefully this helps!

ebyh 03-26-2014 02:37 PM

Attendant Console Transfer Off-Net
Perhaps even better: Try playing with your ars analysis table. Watch the first few minutes of this YouTube tutorial for more explanation:

You might be able to configure your system so that anyone dialing the old extension will automatically route off-net to the full 10-digit number, provided their phone has the right COS and COR permissions.

**Also, it occurs to me now that there's probably a much simpler solution: How 'bout keeping the old extensions provisioned on your local system as x-ported software-only numbers, and simply call forward those extensions off-net to the full 10 digit DID at the remote location?

lorillard 03-27-2014 06:33 AM

Thank you very much for that! It makes complete great sense. I knew I was overlooking the simple things. I may try the first one with doestic off-net forwarding only. The second idea about those extensions being back on our system also makes sense. We moved 37 extensions to that new locations' PRI and I had to make 37 provisions in the digit insertion to append 9-prefix to the extension so it would give the feeling of seamless 4-digit dialing. What a pain.

Anyway, thank you much for that information.

lorillard 03-27-2014 08:19 AM

That works just fine....
Thanks for all your help!

ebyh 03-27-2014 12:54 PM

You're very welcome!
Happy to help. I have certainly been bailed out on numerous occasions by information gleaned from tech threads. Thanks for circling back with the outcome!

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