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bkautz 06-14-2016 02:38 PM

WFO V15.1 Documentation
Does anyone know where I can get the Avaya WFO V15.1 documentation?
There is nothing on support.avaya.com (I was told by Avaya that customers are not allowed to have access to WFO documentation on the support website. Something about some licensing issue with Verint). I also can't find anything on PLDS.

I am not sure how Avaya expects their customers to upgrade to, or even USE, the software if they literally won't provide any documentation what so ever to their customers...

dupl7 06-14-2016 03:49 PM

WFO documentation

Please see link below....All documents are there


bkautz 06-15-2016 08:50 AM

As I already mentioned the support website has nothing on it. The only things I can find are SOLN articles. No official documentation what so ever.

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