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griff216 02-19-2018 10:57 AM

IP Office AA issues
I currently have a system that we have changed the lines from ringing directly to the phones to an auto attendant. It is an IP 500 v2 running the latest version of 9.1 on both the manager and the vmpro software. The customer is complaining that the voicemail is cutting out when you listen to the auto attendant. I have tested the phone lines with my buttset and the phone lines are working perfectly, but when you call in from an outside line and listen to the auto attendant, if there is any background noise whatsoever it will cut out. I initially had embedded voicemail in the system setup and after troubleshooting with my vendor they said they thought it was the SD Card and control unit so they actually replaced these as the system was only in for 6 months. After reinstalling the issue continued on the new card and after a month of changing settings and such the issue remains. I have attempted to check line settings and a number of things to no avail., I even checked that it wasn't the auto attendant recording and I checked it through the shortcode that was programmed and it worked perfectly. I practically screamed into the phones trying to get the system to cut out and nothing it played right through as it should. The only time the AA half duplex's is when you call from outside. I have worked with the vendor of the phone lines and they saw no issues and even dispatched a tech and they found nothing as well. I was on-site for both of these things and can verify he tested it entering the building with no issues, everything seems perfect. I am stuck and my customer is getting very frustrated.

mbrodbeck 03-02-2018 09:10 AM

Impedence Match the lines
Have you tried to impedance match the lines? Auto or Manual?

dwilliams500irl 03-14-2018 08:37 AM

Have you checked the gain settings on the analog trunks? I recently had an issue similar to this in regards to ambient noise causing the call to go into half-duplex. The gains on the trunks were set way down.

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