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rlstiles 05-07-2012 12:07 PM

Secure Routers interoperating with IP Office

We are experiencing some issues with the interaction of the IP Office and the Avaya routing products (Secure Router 1002, 1004, 2330) We have IPSEC VPN tunnels established between the routers.

When we call between two offices using H323 (VoIP), the calls connect and we are able to talk but the call will randomly terminate and show Unobtainable on the phones. Also, if another VoIP call comes into the same branch office the first call connected to, as soon as the second call is terminated, the first call will drop as well.

We have the following:

IP Office 500 v2 running latest 8.0 s/w
Secure Router 1002 running latest software (9.x)
Secure Router 1004 running latest software (9.x)
Secure Router 2330 running latest software (10.x)

Any ideas / help would be very appreciated.


mayler 05-24-2012 04:01 PM

Has this ever worked? Are the connections between the offices T1? Have you tried without IPSEC if dedicated? Luckily, we don't do Voip here. I would do the following to help you move forward on this:

router> debug router/debug > pcap router/debug/pcap > capture cap1 router/debug/pcap/capture cap1 > attach ethernet 0 router/debug/pcap/capture cap1 > count 1000 router/debug/pcap/capture cap1 > size 400 router/debug/pcap/capture cap1 > drop-nonip router/debug/pcap/capture cap1 > direction both router/debug/pcap/capture cap1 > snaplen 256 router/debug/pcap/capture cap1 > commit router/debug/pcap/capture cap1 > exit router/debug/pcap > enable cap1 router/debug/pcap > stats cap1

When the call drops, issue a
no enable cap1
router/debug/pcap > upload <TFTP IP address> cap1 router/debug/pcap > cleanupFeel free to upload the pcap for help diagnosing.

sorry about the formatting.

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