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norma19 02-09-2015 03:08 AM

Avaya Collaboration Services Software
I currently have Avaya Collaboration Services in my start menu which I believe I downloaded when I joined another companies web conference.

This allows me to configure my conference bridge so that it can be easily added in to meeting requests in outlook. I can also use the meeting to kick off the meeting as a host.

A few users in the company have asked for this however I have been unable to find a download for it anywhere.

We don't use AAC web conferencing and have a different solution so installing via this isn't an option for me.

Can anyone assist?

Matt Norman

desai1 06-30-2015 02:56 AM

Hi ,

The Avaya Collaboration Services applications can interwork with Lync Integration and Avaya oneX Communicator for Windows. The Configurator builds a separate installation package for Lync Integration. There is no option to select Avaya one-X Communicator in the Configurator and the Configurator does not build an installation package for Avaya one-X Communicator. However, when deployed, Avaya Collaboration Services will automatically detect if Avaya one-X Communicator is running on the Windows desktop.

It doesn't require AAC.

You can use the below guide for more details on installation and configuration.
For any further details please raise a Service Request from Support website.



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