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frade2 03-22-2015 08:11 AM

Problem to retrieve UCID /UUI into AAEP7 in SIP enviroment
Hi experts,

I have a SIP enviroment, with CM 6.3, SM 6.3, AAEP 7 and Elite Multichannel and VDI agent for softphones.

When the Elite Multi channel agent finish call and drop, using VDN Return Destination feature, send the call to Experience Portal.

In this application, I need to retrieve ANI, DNIS, LOGIN etc.. and I guess I have two methods...using UUI concatenating all the data or Using same UCID (CM and AAEP) and saving the data firts from Elite MUltichannel into a Database and the update the record via AAEP application...

the problem is because none of them (UUI and UCID) arrives to AAEP application and I don't know why.

SIP Trunks are in shared, and Send ucid to yes.
AAEP Application also in operation mode "shared Mode", generate UCID to "no" and Transport UCID in Shared Mode to "yes"

Please could you help me? i Missing something in the configuration?


psree 03-23-2015 06:40 AM

For getting the UCID - set the mode on CM to Service Provider, SM to Service Provider and on AAEP's "Transport UCID" to Service PRovider. See if this helps, because the UCID has to come from the CM.

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