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cbobch 01-21-2015 10:42 AM

A couple of questions about fields in back end tables
Hi all,

I'm pulling data from CMS table dsplit into a sql server table so we can do reporting on it without hitting the CMS database directly. I get the full table with no issue. However since the turn of the year I've noticed a couple of anaolimies and I'm trying to figure out where/how these fields get populated.

Issue # 1: Before 1/1/2015 we were seeing every split with a service level After 1/1//2015 only a few splits have the service level populated the rest are 0. Where does this field get populated from?

Issue # 2: similar to issue # 1 above, but the field in this case is MaxOCWTime. We're using this as the MaxQueue time, so it's kind of important to us. Where/How does this get populated from?

Any help is appreciated.

shaikht 01-21-2015 10:59 PM


The database items for the Split/Skill Service Level report are stored in the hsplit (intrahour interval) table.The acceptable service level is defined on the Call Center Administration: Split/Skill Call Profile window. Hence please check if it is still set for all skills.Also you can pull Split/Skill Graphical Service Level report to see if standard report is giving data.

For second question,MaxOCWTime is database item with following definition:
The maximum length of time that a call, recorded during the collection interval, waited in queue and ringing before an agent answered in this split/skill, the caller abandoned, or the call was redirected, received a busy signal, or was disconnected.
Again pull System Graphical Maximum Delay report to see if it matching with max delay for the skill.

I hope it helps.

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