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lorenzodaniels 03-28-2013 05:33 AM

Avaya Voice Announcement Manager 4.0.11
Currently I have an existing announcement setup on our DID. The existing " Welcome Greeting" has 3 options. Recently we had additional departments added to ur office. Looking to add 3 other options to the announcement tree. How do I re-record an announcement greeting as well edit the existing DTMF, VDN's? In each option I want to be able to select the option i.e. Press 4 for Ops, Press 5 for Admin, Press 6 for Sales and when press would like the options independently dial to a select group of numbers in each particular office. I have experience in CM but not in the Announcement Manager and VDN's. Note: I know how to record the new greeting from a phone set and save to system.I just don't know how to edit what is existing DTMF wise and have it correspond to the recorded greeting prompt. Any knowledge will be greatly appreciated.

mittas 03-30-2013 03:03 AM

If u are familiar with vector than you should take out the vector number which is using for this operation.
Add some steps which you required and this is done.

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