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sammyseo 06-23-2015 11:55 AM

SIP trunk keeps dropping
We have a SIP trunk (ATT BVOIP) that is dropping periodically throughout the day. This site has an IP500V2 (8.1.95). The IPO LAN 2 port is patched in directly to the ATT router so there is no possibility of interference from the LAN. It seems like there is a high level of QoS errors (packet loss and round trip delay) that occurs around the times that the SIP trunk drops. We have replaced the patch cable between the IPO LAN 2 port and the ATT router and we have updated to the latest 8.1.95 release. ATT insists there is no problem on their side, but I find that they almost always say that. I see that some of the 9.0 SPs show some fixes for memory leaks and I am also considering swapping out the IP500V2 control unit. Any advice would be appreciated.

zakabog 06-23-2015 01:11 PM

What kind of router did ATT provide? Do they see any errors on their interface pointing to the IP Office? Have you done a Monitor trace with a filter setup to show all of the SIP information? That will give you a good indication of what's happening.

You might also want to setup a HUB between the router and the IP Office, plug in a laptop, and do a packet capture using Wireshark to see what's happening when the SIP trunk goes down.

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