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elliob 02-13-2014 08:51 AM

1140 VPN access on CS1000 5.0
Hello all,

First post. I have a CS1000 running 5.0. We have 1140 IP phones and I've had a request for a few users to be able to work from home and take their phones with them. I'm aware that the latest version of firmware includes a built in vpn client on the 1140 but does it also require a specific license to be purchased? Any help with this would be appreciated.

ankamath 06-18-2014 02:04 AM

From License Prespective, it remains the same, Like Node-Locked License and Network-Locked License...

So you would need a Provisioning Server or DHCP Settings to point to a Server containing the license and according to the deployment of Licensing you would need to purchase licenses.....

Amith K

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