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hitch9 04-06-2016 09:36 AM

Dialed number only 4 digits
Using the Avaya TAPI adaptor, For incoming calls, I am only receiving 4 digits of my extension in the called number, not the full 10 digits I expect.

I have an IP Office 500 v9.1

How can I ensure I get the full number that the external caller dialed?

weiss1 05-21-2016 04:37 AM

For the calling number, you shoud get what ever the provider is sending, i.e. the same as you see in a phone display.
For the called number, this is your extension number. So, 4-digit sounds right.
TAPI will show this information form the view of the IPO.

bucky101 09-06-2017 07:18 PM

is there a work around for this? I have a situation where I need to see the DID and not the extension or huntgroup number

weiss1 09-07-2017 12:15 AM

This is the job of the application.
The IPO does know your extension and whatever is configured in the system.
But it does not know the external phone numbers under which you are reachable.
I.e. you see the internal numbers and everything sent by the provider.

Maybe you should give an example of what you do, what you get and what you expect.
Makes it easier.

bucky101 09-07-2017 05:48 PM

well its not the job of the application if it is not receiving the data off the PABX.
Very Simple, I wish to use TAPI to make routing decisions based on the DID number dialled. Unfortunately the DID information isn't coming through via TAPI, I can only see the extension that answered the call.

weiss1 09-08-2017 12:54 AM

I think, we are not talking about the same.

For the incoming, you will get the callers number in the way your provder is sending it.
The point here is, this is usualy not in international format, which would be needed to have an exact match to your contacts. However this is what the application can help to adapt the format.

You want to use the called number of an incoming call for routing. And this is not available.
I'm not a TAPI developer, but to my understanding, DevLink would include this information.

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