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rkhenry 04-07-2014 06:53 AM

Avaya SoftClients Log Collector : Troubleshooting SoftPhones
AVAYA SoftClient Log Collector

Considering the Complexities in log collection mechanism with AVAYA Soft Clients AVAYA has come up with a simple GUI Java (minimum requirement Java v1.7) based tool to capture below Soft Client information from End Customer Systems for faster troubleshooting of Soft Client issues for AVAYA Backbone & Product House. The Tool is now LIVE in Support Site for customers to download and use the same.
• Soft Client Logs
• Soft Client Configuration
• Operating System Details
• System/Client Registry Backup

• Faster Log Collection from Soft Clients installed on End User PC’s
• Option to Upload the logs to AVAYA Cloud Server
• Option to attach the logs directly to existing Siebel SR
• Template driven Log Collection with option for customers to email the logs to AVAYA
• No Software installations required

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