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jirvin1 12-24-2014 02:25 PM

Audiocodes MP118 TLS
recently purchased MP114 and MP118 to test as analog gateways at small sites. Was able to get them working with Aura CM/SM using TCP. Have troubles getting these to work on TLS. I see they register to SM but receive reorder when calling either direction. I think it's a certificates issue. documentation says I need the Private Key cert, Trusted Root cert and the server cert to upload into MP118.

I see the identity certs in SM Home / Services / Inventory / Manage Elements.
And the cert in SM Home / Services / Security / Certificates.
Which od these certs is the server cert, root cert and private key cert?

dfrye1 04-02-2019 04:40 PM

Audiocodes certificates
Did you ever get your audiocodes device working on TLS? I cannot get my audiocodes device to register using TLS and I suspect it is in the licensing too.

jirvin1 07-26-2019 09:02 AM

I did get this working using our 3rd party certs.
I have it pretty well documented - too much to post in here...

mlombardi1 08-13-2019 06:51 AM

Private keys are not shared. Session Mgr identity certs are signed by System Mgr. The root cert for System Mgr must be loaded into the Audiocodes and the root cert for Audiocodes must be loaded into Session Mgr to establish chain of trust.

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