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mamb 01-14-2016 07:57 PM

UUI not received from CM for SIP call
We are doing a test call/poc to check whether we are able to receive User-to-User (UUI) sent by 3rd party sip dialer and received in TSAPI client application.

path-1: [sip dialer]-------[Avaya CM-ver-6.0]-------[Avaya CM-ver-5.2]----[Agent VDN]
path-2: [TSAPI client application]-------[AES server]-----[Avaya CM-ver-5.2]

path-1: sip dialer send custom data in SIP header 'User-to-User' & we are able to see in Avaya CM trace (CM MST trace)
But the same is not received in TSAPI Exerciser app & TSAPI client application.

log snippet from MST trace at CM:
INVITE sip:52347@abc.domain.com:5060;transport=udp SIP/2.0
P-AV-Message-Id: 2_1
Route: <sip:x.x.x.x;transport=tcp;lr;phase=terminating>
Expires: 30
User-to-User: 61626364;encoding=hex

=> all we receive in TSAPI Exerciser is UUI Type: None

we want to receive the UUI data in TSAPI client application but thats not receiving.

In Agent VDN vector step, there is no collect digits & simply route to available agent.
But for testing purpose we havenot logged in any agent for that routing skill.

We made a direct extension call instead of agent vdn and to see UUI is agent phone display, but UUI not displayed.

Is there any configuration missing?
Any step is missing here?
Any configuration to be done in AES?
Please share us on how to troubleshoot & make this work.

Thanks & Regards

pmulya 02-04-2016 10:52 PM


I would suggest you raise case with Avaya CM support teamm for this. The reason being we would have run an ASAI MST on the CM Side to determine whether CM is sending UUI which is received in SIP header over the ASAI messages to AES. AES would be able to provide the UUI to the application over TSAPI only when it has received it from the CM over ASAI.

Hence ASAI MST is important to determine whether CM has sent UUI info over the ASAI.



mamb 02-04-2016 11:08 PM

UUI not received from CM for SIP call
Hi Prashant,
Thank you for the reply,

1.The ASAI MST on CM side shows the UUI passed to AES.
2.For tested the same in Avaya SM/CM/AES - all 6.3 environment.
3.In 6.3, TSAPI-client-app recevies UUI data + some additonal special character/unicode characters.
4.The maximul UUI length is 96 bytes;
5.example, uui data converted into hex abc=616263;00C8 - uui shared mode; 03-uui length
SIP dialer sends UUI as 00C803616263
TSAPI excersier=6162634a...
TSAPI application=abcdj
-The expected value should be = abc
6.Any configurations to check in CM or AES side

chris180 03-16-2016 01:35 PM

RE: UUI not recieved from CM for SIP call
On the agent phone are you checking for uui by using the uui-info button? If so have you changed the COR to allow UUI IE data?

On my system, I could only reliable get UUI info from SM to AES to CTI if in CM I put a collect digit step that used a variable that was set as type "asaiuui", local, and the correct digit length.

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