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covar 09-30-2015 07:01 AM

Third Party IP Endpoint License consumed by IPO CC
I have an IPO CC running version 9.1, using IPO Server edition + IPO500v2 Expansion as secondary module.

Everything is running as expected. However, I added a 3rd Party IP Endpoint for an ATA to be configured on my Server edition through PLDS.

Licenses show up as active in Server Manager and on SSA, but the SIP extension that was created for routing calls to the IPO CC is consuming that license now. So I cannot configure the ATA now, for "exceding resources" is diplayed as an alarm.

The CC system had been working fine without that license, so now, I am wasting that license.

How can I take that license and re-assign it, or should I acquire another 3rd party License?..

george6 09-30-2015 11:51 PM

SIP user for IPOCC should consume Avaya IP Endpoint license if properly configured . Is that license being consumed or it is consuming 3rd part license instead of Avaya IP Endpoint ?
In SSA does the IPOCC SIP extension showing Telephone Type as Avaya IP Office contact center ?

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