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mezaf 02-11-2010 11:45 PM

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I'm trying a new mode to attach a file!.

aviswanathan: In the image i'm attaching, there are 2 ways to upload an image.

1-You can attach an image to this message, browsing any picture from your Laptop. The unique thing you have to have in mind with this is that picutre size must NOT be over the specified. You have it detailed on your "Attachment Key" table.

2-You can attach an image externally to another location, as I said before, must be a link to another site, like the link i've posted from my motorcycle.

Jeff: In both cases, I'm posting the image clicking in the button for second case (see attachment). When I do it with the paper clip (first case on attachment) it doesn't allows me because I exceed the limit for uploading (1.5MB) and for the size (3264x2448 instead of 620x280).


jharling 02-12-2010 09:21 AM

Okay - I got it now. Thanks for the picture... that helps explain alot.

I think I'm going to bump up the pixel size a bit. As I test, the 280x620 is a bit small. Going to try something a bit larger... super small images may restrict the ability to share screenshots of equipment, log files, app. administration pages, etc.

cadena 02-16-2010 10:44 PM


Originally Posted by jharling (Post 113)
Let's see if I can post this one:


Originally Posted by aviswanathan (Post 114)
1. I am not able to find an option to browse an image from my Laptop.

2. So work around is to type the location of image in the pop up window when I click Insert Image..

3. I am adding a picture of Dalian City here from my Laptop


[QUOTE=mezaf;119]Jeff: Eric Cartman rules!!!!!!

aviswanathan: The problem is that you are posting (browsing) a direct link to the folder of your Laptop (C:\Arun\China Visit\China Photos\Dalian 6 Feb\Dalian City 4 Feb 018.jpg)

The link of the image must be in some repository or server available to show it online, otherwise, the link will not reach (or know) what "C:\Arun\China Visit\China Photos\Dalian 6 Feb\Dalian City 4 Feb 018.jpg" means. You should insert an image with a link to a website, for example, my motorcycle link is http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/6734/p1030038j.jpg. That's a external server that allows me to upload an image and share it.

Hope this helps



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