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nenatolman 04-21-2015 12:04 PM

9611G display showing ******* when Btn-Ring key used
I have CM6.2 with several models of phones. We use the Button Ring key to turn the ringer for some line keys on and off on a few extensions.

On 2410 and 4610 model phones, the display shows "Ringer Off" or "Ringer On" when we push the Btn Ring key and then select a line. On the 9611G phones (firmware 6.4014), the display just shows a row of ************. I have noticed this when using other features also.

Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions for correcting it?


agronw 05-19-2015 12:08 AM

we don't have the issue with 9641 and 9611 (h323, firmware 6.4.1).

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