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haddod 04-11-2017 10:39 AM

SM Channels getting locked up
IP Office 9.1.8 with 9.1.8 IPOCC to CM via Session Manager. SM lines at the IP Office. The CM routes calls to SM then to the IPO which routes them to IPOCC. Reverse outbound from IPO. As the days progress, channels start remaining stuck in use, until after a few weeks, all 23 channels are locked up and the status of the trunk in SSA shows channels in use: 23 and they will be in that state for like, 65 days. No luck troubleshooting and when a ticket was opened to Avaya they came back stating that SSA cannot "handle" the true status of SM lines and not to go by that state as an accurate indicator. So it just happened again after 5 weeks (SSA will make up days on it's own) and now 21 channels were in this state for 65 days and there were only two channels available. Each time this happens we have to reboot the IP Office to clear the issue. I cannot find any solutions. The CM/Session manager Avaya-partner says everything is correct on their side, I have triple-checked and Avaya has to everything on my IP Office side. It only happens to this IP Office that has IPOCC taking the incoming calls. Another IP Office that does not have IPOCC never experiences this.

kruegerb 04-24-2017 12:30 AM

can you give some details on the Topologie of the Environment? which CM version? which kind of trunk between CM and IPO (PRI or SIP)?
Do the IPOCC agents transfers back to users in the CM?

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