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lazar26 10-16-2017 06:27 AM

Goup listening on Aura 7.0 witn IP transport

we're wondering if it is possible to somehow enable the group listening function (which is available by default on digital phones) on IP phones?
We're using a completely IP-based system built over AURA 7.0.
We have no digital or analog stations, thus we even have no TN712 DCP installed in our G450.
We've found in Avaya docs that IP-phones do not support this function, so we're currently researching if it is possible to workaround this problem on IP-based systems.
Our boss is using a 1616 station and this can not be changed.
Maybe there is a way we can connect an external speaker to 1616? So everyone could hear the conversation keeping an ability to speak into the handset.
Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
PS. If we buy everything needed to arrange this on a, say, 1420 phone, are we going to run into any compatibility trouble between 1420 and the rest of IP-phones? We use a kinda complicated setup, with bridged lines, hidden stations, multiple coverage paths ans etc. Having no time to perform thorough testing makes us kind nervous about how all this zoo is gonna work together :)
Thx very much in advance!

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