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davis124 03-01-2013 01:01 PM

Product Enhancement for all 96xx Phones
Hello Avaya -

I have a product enhancement I would like to see Avaya implement on all 96xx phones.

My group is running into A LOT of 96xx phones with Custom Labels (Where the end user can name the button), and we find ourselves needing to know what the "Real" Feature/Button is when out in the field, not what the customer has labelled it.

We know that Btn-View works on these phones, but that takes up a button on the station form, and with all the other cool features the 96xx phones have we are wondering why this can't be a Hard Feature of the phone (One that does not require a button to be programmed on the station form)?

It's a pain when you are at the customers phone, you need to know what a button really is after they have just labelled it, you don't have access to ASA, and the only option is to default ALL their buttons.

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