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thaebich 11-11-2013 02:01 PM

Speech Server (OSCAR) software versions questions
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I ran the perirev -verbose command on two OSCAR's but the result is confusing - could anyone please answer the following:

a. The Nortel Product Suite field has the format of Nortel_SelfService_3.0.0. <pb#> . <update#>. Both oscars are the same i.e. PB3, update 15 whereas the patchlevel field shows them as being different i.e. PB5 and PB3.

b. The dist, globl and oscar fields each have the same cut-dates as appropriate but the versions are different - why?
dist2.0.0.49 cut-ver-1 cut-date: 20051117
dist version: 2.0.0 cut-date: 20051117
globl3.0.0.61 cut-ver-2 cut-date: 20060315
globl version: 3.0.0 cut-date: 20060315
oscar6.0.1.44 cut-ver-1 cut-date: 20060222
oscar version: 6.0.1 cut-date: 20060222

c. The nu80r fields have the same cut-date but the version on oscar2 seems to be higher than oscar1 (assuming the patchlevel field is correct in that oscar1 has the higher patchlevel) - this is not logical so what is correct?
It also have the same cut-date-version issue
oscar1 - version: 1.0 cut-date: 20070517
oscar2 - version: 1.0.9 cut-date: 20070517


stphnwd 11-11-2013 09:11 PM

Looks like the patch bundle applied on top of the MPS software are different versions. One is Patch Bundle 3 and the other is Patch Bundle 5.

That would give you the discrepancy you are seeing.

thaebich 11-24-2013 09:17 PM

Speech Server (OSCAR) software versions questions
This is what I learnt after getting Tier 4 assistance:

1. The Nortel_SelfService field shows the version of the patch installer (and nothing to do with the version of the actual patch bundle)

2. The cut-date fields are meaningless (for those "in the field")

3. Basically, for those releases I was enquiring about (3.0.0 Patch Bundle 3 and 5), the actual displayed version levels (or lack there of) of the various modules shown by the perirev command are most probably misleading. It would be better to use the release notes for the appropriate patch bundle (patchlevel field) to find the version of each installed module. At this stage, I don't have the time to check other sites with later releases of 3.0 or 3.5 to see whether this issue with the perirev command has been fixed.

Hopefully, this info may be of use to someone else.


rbrookes 11-26-2013 06:04 AM

Thanks Terry for the follow-up info.

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