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dyeo 02-01-2012 11:44 AM

Nortel BCM450 truck to Asterisk server
Hi, can someone help me or point me to the right direction as to how we can setup a SIP trunk to an Asterisk server? At the moment, I was able to create a SIP trunk from the Asterisk server to the BCM450 but not the other way around.

sedge 02-20-2012 02:40 PM


I don't believe Avaya have a specific technical document or application note for interworking with an Asterisk system. However, other application notes available on the Avaya support portal would be a good reference.

The SIP setup part would be dependant upon the version of BCM450 you have, there have been considerable enhancements on each version upgrade R1 to R5 to R6.

Outdial utilizing the SIP trunk would be the same as other trunk types in regards Destination codes, Route, Permissions etc.

BCM Monitor is a great tool to help determine if a call is actually leaving the BCM.

Wireshark packet captures would help identify the SIP interop if the call is leaving the BCM but failing on call setup.

You could also open a Service Request with Avaya support, depending on your circumstances there may be charges for this.

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