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tbev 03-25-2014 09:11 AM

CCMA 6.3 Script Variable Interface slow to respond
We are using CCMA 6.3 sp 10 and when trying to open script variable the web interface is slow to load or will just hang. The happens on both the PC client and Server. In order to change a variable we have to go through orchestration designer. The server is 2008. Has anyone experience this problem. In order to remedy the problem we have to reboot the server. This is not a solution but a work around. We need a fix.

Any suggestions.

tbev 03-26-2014 06:31 AM

No one has seen this issue?

hergenmuelle 03-26-2014 07:13 AM

Do you see the variable summary in CCMA ?
If not then it could be that one or more values of the variables are not set correctly.
The values would have to be dumped/corrected (get back to me) and then new variables could be added again.

If the variable summary is seen then it could be covered by AvayaAura_CCMA_6.3.210.16 - solution SOLN246104.

tbev 03-26-2014 07:44 AM

Thank you for the response hergenmuelle.

Yes I see the summary. When I click on Launchpad/Scripting and proceed to open the variable folder/time folder and then attempt submit a time change the web freezes. This occurs on either a date or time change (those tend to change periodically). Also is freezes when updating an agents skillset priority. This kind of leads me to believe that the system does need a patch. I have not experienced this issue until we upgraded to

afeinb 05-08-2015 01:59 PM

I see this is an old issue, but it happened to me today and thought I'd chime in.

Same issue here, 6.4.212 Build

It was the Time variable and started when I added a new one. I couldn't get the variable to display, just the little spinning circle (only when my mouse was in the left pane.)
I could click other variable types and that all worked fine, only the Time variable seemed to be dorked up.

I removed the variable and re-added and now there's no issue.

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