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glangat 08-30-2013 08:54 PM

IP 500 V.2 Server Edition
Hi Guys

Assuming I already installed and configure the server manager
This is regarding the installation of this product. Do I need to configure first the IPO V2 (ext, user, ars, incoming route)etc... before interfacing this to server manager? or I will interface the IPO V2 to the server manager and from here, I will configure it?

One more thing, instead of expansion system the IPO V2 shows in the server manager as secondary server.

Here the IPO V2 is already connected to server manager:
1. What I did was from the IPO V2, I click the file then advanced then initial configuration. from here I put the ip config of the server manager.

2. Then open the Server manager, from the configuration, click the file, advanced and initial configuration. from here I also put the IP address of the IPO V2 in the "Server Edition Secondary"

Please confirm if this is correct. thank you very much in advanced

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