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dfrade 02-20-2013 09:39 AM

AVP 5.1 + Loquendo Speech Suite Problem
Hi all,

We have a problem during post-installation of Loquendo ASR + TTS (10 channels each one) and I hope you can help me.

The Management Console show us that there are resources for TTS and ASR, and we have configured the AVP voice servers, using Loquendo documentation and AVP application notes.

When we use DTMF applications, it Works fine, but when we try to use TTS or ASR Applications, we get every time the following error in the AVP applications report:

“Error: error.noresource.tts caught, the application is exiting.” à when application uses TTS
“Error: error.noresource.asr , No ASR resource available” à same using ASR.

Could you help us with this? What should we do in order to solve this?




-exact product and version of Loquendo server ---

12992, LTTS License - Premium Voice LTTS Update 7.23.2, Win32, Runtime, es-ES, F, Leonor

12971, LASR License - Tier 3 LASR 7.10.1 (without MRCP), Win32, Runtime, Castilian Spanish

13021, LSS or LMS : MRCP-integrated ASR Tier 3 and TTS Tier 3 Only LMS 7.2.0 Win, Runtime
(Loquendo TTS+ASR 10 Channels) à ASR v7.10 and TTS Engine 7.20.7 and Leonor Spanish Voice v7.20.0

-Operating system: Windows 2008 64 bits Spanish Edition.

- Voice Portal version: Voice Portal

mbabka 11-19-2013 02:12 AM

Experience Portal reports there are no TTS even ASR resources available. Re-check the MRCP connection setting (management console shows Loguendo itself is ready, but nothing about connection with AAEP).

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