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rfreil 11-08-2016 02:58 PM

Help: Daily "Random" Dropped Calls
Our reception desk is reporting an average of 3 dropped calls "incoming and/or outgoing" per day. The calls disconnect within 2 seconds consistently.

IP 500 V2 build 983

I used Avaya IP Office SysMonitor to log activity and told the receptionist to email me when it happens.
This is what showed up on the trace:

Line: type=IPLine 250 Call: lid=313 id=21256 in=0
11:22:35 351525634mS CMCallEvt: 313.21256.0 5054 Hospitality200.0: StateChange: END=T CMCSOffering->CMCSRinging
11:22:35 351525634mS CMExtnEvt: v=2 State, new=Ringing old=Idle,0,0,Hospitality200
11:22:35 351525645mS CMMap: a=3.3 b=0.0 R1
11:22:35 351525646mS ISDNL3Evt: v=5 stacknum=5 State, new=ICProceeding, old=Present id=7
11:22:35 351525647mS ISDNL3Evt: v=5 stacknum=5 State, new=Received, old=ICProceeding id=7
11:22:36 351526005mS H323Evt: Recv: RegistrationRequest; Endpoints registered: 81; Endpoints in registration: 0
11:22:36 351526046mS RES: Thu 3/11/2016 11:22:35 FreeMem=46409552 44630408(2) CachedMem=1779144 CMMsg=13(13) Buff=5200 1356 999 7419 5 Links=27256 BTree=12897 CPU=08.19% CPUStats=2/4/1947/17676/23021/1/1 MCR=0 MCW=0
11:22:36 351526046mS RES2: IP 500 V2 build 983 Tasks=53 RTEngine=0 CMRTEngine=0 ExRTEngine=0 Timer=160 Poll=0 Ready=0 CMReady=0 CMQueue=0 VPNNQueue=0 Monitor=3 SSA=1 TCP=182(TLS=5) TAPI=2 ASC=1 SYS=MNTD OPT=UMNT SDSPD=2034
11:22:36 351526046mS RES4: XML MemObjs=61 PoolMem=2097152(1) FreeMem=2081872(1)
11:22:36 351526433mS VPNR: AVRIP receive from pbx count = 0
11:22:36 351526433mS VPNR: AVRIPRX VPNN_RIP_PLATFORM_INFO => node IP:, tunnel IP:
11:22:37 351527152mS H323Evt: Recv: RegistrationRequest; Endpoints registered: 81; Endpoints in registration: 0
11:22:37 351527783mS H323Evt: Recv: RegistrationRequest; Endpoints registered: 81; Endpoints in registration: 0
11:22:37 351527813mS CMARS: Case 1 - dial_delay_time: 4000 has expired - Resolve what we might have - Called Number: 3824010 Addr: f47943a0
11:22:37 351527813mS CMARS: FORM: Main - Received Number: 3824010
11:22:37 351527813mS CMARS: FOUND A SHORT CODE - short_code: XN; - Tel: N - Called_Party: 3824010 - Line Group Id: 0
11:22:37 351527813mS CMARS: FindActiveARSByGroupID GroupID=0 - Not Found
11:22:37 351527813mS CMLRQ: FindActiveLRQByGroupID GroupID=0 - Not Found
11:22:37 351527814mS CMMap: a=0.18 b=0.0 Mapper::AllocateCodec allocated CMRTVocoder(f540e9b8) resource busy 5, total 64
11:22:37 351527814mS CMCallEvt: 0.21257.0 -1 BaseEP: NEW CMEndpoint f4563588 TOTAL NOW=14 CALL_LIST=5
11:22:37 351527815mS CMTARGET: ISDN BChannel 22: in-service check = 1
11:22:37 351527815mS CMTARGET: ISDN BChannel 22: in-service check = 1
11:22:37 351527817mS CMARS: FOUND LINE - Line Id: 5 - using line group id: 0 - Called Number: 3824010 - Calling Number: 268
11:22:37 351527817mS CMARS: SEND Setup TO LINE
11:22:37 351527817mS CMCallEvt: 0.21257.0 5053 Q931 Trunk:5 CHAN=22: StateChange: END=child CMCSIdle->CMCSOffering
11:22:37 351527817mS PRN: Setting configured voice gain for ch 22.
11:22:37 351527817mS CMLineTx: v=5
Line: type=Q931Line 5 Call: lid=0 id=21257 in=0
Called[3824010] Type=National (2) Reason=CMDRdirect Calling[5632771219] Type=National Plan=ISDN
BC: CMTC=3K1Audio CMTM=Circuit CMTR=64 CMST=Default CMU1=ULaw
BChan: slot=0 chan=22
Locale: enu
11:22:37 351527818mS ISDNL3Evt: v=5 stacknum=5 State, new=Initiated, old=NullState id=21257
11:22:37 351527863mS ISDNL3Evt: v=5 stacknum=5 State, new=Proceeding, old=Initiated id=21257
11:22:37 351527864mS CMLineRx: v=5
Line: type=Q931Line 5 Call: lid=0 id=21257 in=0
BChan: slot=0 chan=22
11:22:37 351527864mS CMARS: LINE ep Received: CMProceeding - child->state = CMCSOffering - ARS Call State = CMCSOverlapRecv
11:22:37 351527864mS CMARS: LINE IS NOW THE B END OF THE CALL - CMARSEndpoint::RequestEnd()
11:22:37 351527864mS CMARS: CMARSEndpoint::CallLost(cause=124) - Address: 0.21251.0 5053 ARS for Main - Call State: CMCSOverlapRecv

markgallagher 11-08-2016 03:22 PM

Very odd since that looks like an outgoing call but cause code 124 is "Answered by Other". Maybe someone else is using Call Steal or a User button. If that is the case, ensuring that the receptionists is set to Cannot Be Intruded should stop any of that.

rfreil 11-09-2016 08:02 AM

I checked and "Cannot Be Intruded" is and has been checked.??

They are dropping both incoming calls and outgoing calls at random no real pattern or set time when it happens. The receptionist will hear a single ring on an outgoing call then it drops. On incoming dropped calls the receptionist will hear the person say hi then call drops. Again this is random but happens every day 2 or 3 times.

rfreil 11-09-2016 08:13 AM

Also and maybe a side note.......... The receptionist did mention that at random times when an employee attempts to dial an outside line "cell phone number" ..... the call will will go directly to the receptionist instead.


Any and all help is much appreciated.

zakabog 11-11-2016 02:34 PM

Try doing a continuous log in System Status and after it happens watch the replay. Look at the active call and see if anything is happening to it, if it's trying to forward out or if someone else is answering it. That'll usually give you a pretty good idea if it's an internal (user) issue or not.

rfreil 11-14-2016 11:51 AM

Ok I will do this and let you know what I find.
Thanks again for your help.

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