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frank169 08-11-2016 03:17 PM

Converting from Standalone VMPro to Distributed

Needing to take 2 stand alone Voicemail Pro servers, that are R9.1 SCN and convert to Distributed mode. Have scoured the internet but am either not asking correctly or nobody has a clear posting.

What is the best way of doing this?

Will we need to rebuild each server from scratch and set one as the Centralized and one as Distributed?
Do we change the one we want as the "Main" site to Centralized, rebuild the other as Distributed and see if we can move any .wav files?
Do we set one as Centralized, the other as Distributed, create the link and it coverts and moves files, modules, short codes as needed?

Would like to keep from loosing any messages or having to rerecord as few auto attendant as possible.
Also don't want to take a 4 hour project and try to do it in 1 hour but also don't want to take a 1 hour project and turn it into a 4 hour project by over thinking it.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or for a point in the right direction!

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