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rmudway 09-28-2012 06:31 AM

CM receiving ANI from Carrier with leading digit(zero) removed.

I am new to this forum and i am a CTI person, so this question is out of my expertise. So i am wondering if you can help me enough to move forward?

My client has the leading digit stripped from the ANI before recieving the call from their carrier, and the character removed is always the leading Zero. I would like for them to add back in that one digit for my application to get a complete ANI, but i am told that doing so would impact their current site as they say that it must be done globally on their CM.

So is there another way to get it done?

For instance, could i get them to add back in that missing zero via a VDN or another component that goes to my app? I not want to make them do a global change, but want to know if there was a smaller change i can make for only my app to get the complete/unchanged ANI.

Many Thanks,


mskinner 10-03-2012 06:45 AM

If the trunk group the calls come in on is ISDN or SIP and all the incoming calls route to your application, you could use the incoming call handling treatment table to add back in the 0.

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