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maxvasquezcacho 07-19-2012 09:18 AM

Fax T38 problem IPO 8 (42)
Hi, everyone.

I've got some issues sending fax over a SIP Trunk.

Here's the scenario:

My IPO is connected with a SIP trunk with my SIP Provider (Level 3). I use an analog fax Machine connected in a combo card slot.

The problem arrives when my fax dial to a fax number in the PSTN.

First of, the call is established in G.729a, then when the carrier detects the fax tone sends me an invitation in T38, but the IPO responds in G.729 and the call puts on hold and I listen to the hold music.

I don't know what's going on. I talked with L3 and they told me that my PBX is the problem.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and I apologize for my english (I'm not native speaker)


maxvasquezcacho 07-23-2012 02:43 PM

Solve it!
I found the solution!!!!...the problem was in the release version of Manager 8 (42). I did some tests in my IPO lab with release 8 (18) and the tests were succesful. Then I downgrade the other IPO to 8 (18) and that's it!!!...the fax via T38 works!.

I will report this issue to Avaya support.


deville 08-03-2012 03:09 AM


This is a bug and Avaya as released a private build to resolve it.
You should ask Avaya to receive this PB.

Best regards

scooter133 10-09-2012 10:25 AM

Was this big fixed in R8.0(44)?

I'm having Similar issues with R8.0(44)..


maxvasquezcacho 11-19-2012 10:32 AM

Nop It wasn't fixed it in that release neither. I haven't had the oportunity to probe it with the last 8.0 (46) or with the 8.1.


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