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fthelpdesk 02-03-2013 11:21 AM

Can we have the (AUX-Auto-in...) buttons on 9650SIP Phone

I have CM 5.2.1 & SES 5.2. Most of phones are H.323, while some of them are SIP. The customer wanted to utilize the buttons that usally used by the call center agent in the SIP Phone ===> buttons that need to be programmed in 9650 (As SIP) are (auto-in, aux, ... etc) Can this be possible? and how it can be imlemented?

I know that H.323 is providing more telephony features, but not sure how features and buttons can be extended to the SIP Phones.

FT Helpdesk

mittas 02-03-2013 09:53 PM


I think this can be done, you just need to administer the phone in Avaya CM on 4th page of add/change sta xxxx form you can assign the buttons you required.

Since i have not tested this.Please inform me too

display station xxxxx Page 4 of 5
Room: Headset? y
Jack: Speaker? y
Cable: Mounting: d
Floor: Cord Length: 0
Building: Set Color:

List1: List2: List3:

1: call-appr 5:
2: call-appr 6:
3: Auto-in 7:
4: aux-work 8:

rvengco 02-03-2013 11:54 PM

Hi fthelpdesk,

Since you mentioned that you are using SES then it is not supported.

Please check on the below link.


on page 7, you can see Contact Center (General) is not supported on SES. (Though in Session manager it was mentioned it is supported) if you will go to page 21. It is mentioning

Contact Center (General)
Communication Manager has many features that are associated with contact centers or ACD (automatic call distribution) which are not supported on the 96XX SIP stations. Examples of these are: agent login logout, after call work, aux work, etc.

gwebster 02-04-2013 06:38 AM

The 9608/9611G/9621G/9641G with SIP 6.2 or later software support Contact Center features. You will also need Avaya Aura Call Center Elite 6.2 or later.

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