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turbot 10-28-2010 06:57 AM

about 9620 register to asterisk issue
hi all ,

i have a issue about how to avaya 9600 series IP phone register to asterisk sip server ?

i have updated the firmware from h.323 to SIP , and the 9620 register to Alcatel is ok ,so i want 9620 regsiter to asterisk ,but the registration is unsuccessful , i found asterisk returns 401 sip message via ethereal capture view .

could anyone help me solve the issue ? or give me a tip .?:confused::confused::confused:

thank you for all !!!

jjoshi 11-12-2010 06:05 AM


I understand that your interoperability testing of 9620 phone is working propelry with Alcatel but with Asterisk, the registration is failinng with error:- "401 Unauthorized"

I would recommend you to go thorugh the "Interoprability testing" document between AVAYA and Asterisk server. It is available at following path:-

Is any other phone type like 46xx or ant other 96xx type phone propelry able to register to Asterisk?

Maybe you can first check with Asterisk Support team if they find anything at their end why the server is not accepting the registrations and sending "401 Unauthorized" message back to AVAYA.

If any more detail help needed from AVAYA side, you can always open a ticket with AVAYA Support team.


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