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aturkben 08-11-2015 04:54 AM

IPOCC E-mail Capabilities

I need to find some answers for a potential IPOCC customer which are about IPOCC

1) They want tp route emails according to sender and destination email address. So we'll use skill based email routing. For each customer and each emailing reason (ticketing, hote, etc) we should create a skill.

Is skill based routing possible for E-mail.

2) 350 emails per agent per day system load. They have totally 120 email agent

What is the maximum e-mail load of IPOCC for peak hour?

Best Regards.

marquardt 08-11-2015 07:35 AM

Skill based Routing is possible for every task type (Telephony, E-Mail, Chat).

350 E-mails x 120 Agents = 42000 E-mails/day

42000E-mails/24h = 1750 E-mail/h

1750 E-Mail/h no problem for the IPOCC server.

Be careful about the disk space for the databases c3k and umarchive.

Example: 1 E-mail with an attachment of 1 MB needs about 1 MB disk space.

rchili 10-01-2015 01:58 AM

Thank you for given Information of Email.
In Supervisor Desktop, how can know the Supervisor for Email routing and which Agent respond to the customer and what is the content of Agent reply to the customer?
Please let you know these Configuration of Supervisor, and i saw another document, they given as folder view shows the Agent details. so where is the Folder view?

marquardt 10-01-2015 05:34 AM

Supervisor - Module E-Mail
With the appropriate privileges and authorizations a Supervisor can have the Folder Overview, Completed and Archive.

In folder Overview are shown all E-mails (new and in work). The Supevisor can delegate and see the content, but not the content of the current Agent work (reply).

In folder Completed are shown all completed E-mails (Job code and completed by Agent), The Supervisor can see the content and related E-mails (also with content).

In Folder Archive are shown all archived E-mails (completed and archived). The Supervisor can see the content and related E-mails. Archived E-mails can not be reactivated or delegated.

pdgavin 05-15-2018 09:20 AM

What is the maximum emails per hour supported?

marquardt 05-16-2018 01:47 AM

Capabilitie depends on other tasks (Telephony) and size of the E-Mails
IPOCC is tested with:

1000 calls/h and 1000 E-mails/h (4MB)
1000 calls/h and 1000 E-mails/h (2MB)
1000 calls/h and 1000 E-mails/h (1kB)

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