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ferra64 04-18-2017 05:23 AM

Avaya Switch Internet Configuration
Hi everybody, I'm new here, my company started working with Avaya products ( I still don't have a Sold To associated ), but we already start installing more than 12 switches and Avaya phones in a client.

So my problem is:

We started to create a stack with 5 switches.
Switch IP
Default Gateway
Stack IP
We created 2 vlans in stack:
vlan DATA

the vlans are working ( I can connect two devices in vlan DATA and ping between it)

after that we connected a cable from internet provider (modem) directly to the base switch in port 1 (default vlan).

The provider modem information is:
static ip

what configuration should I do to have internet in my switch?
(Note, I want internet all across default vlan and DATA and PHONE vlan)

Best regards, and thanks for your help in advance...
Antonio Ferrao

sprigent 06-16-2017 07:00 AM

Hi Antonio
I'm surprised with the elements you send.You can not have the same subnet for 2 differents vlan.What you have to do is to activate ip routing on 1 stack (others have to stay on L2 switching)
Vlan data (eg vlan1) (it will be management address for the stack)
vlan voice (eg vlan 2)
vlan internet (eg vlan 3)

pc have as default GW,phones have as default GW
add on switch ip route via (if it's your provider router lan ip

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